His genius,visions, passions and mystique.

211 Muirfield Road

Howard Hughes jr. leased a mansion in 1926 at 211 Muirfield Road , Los Angeles, California in the city's Hancock Park area where he and wife Ella Rice Hughes intended to live. He chose it because of it's proximity to the Wilshire Country Club where he played golf.

The 30-room palatial home was designed by architect Roland E.Coate 1926 for socialite Eva K.Fudger. It was modeled after haciendas built during California's Spanish and Mexican periods.Landscape architects Florence Yoch and Lucile Council planted the lush garden.

When Howard's marriage to Ella disintigrated (due to his reckless womanizing ), she moved out of Muirfield and Billie Dove moved in becoming Howard's next flame. After Dove, Katharine Hepburn took over as mistress of Muirfield.

Howard first leased the property from Ms.Fudger for $ 1,000.00 a month but bought it on  December 2, 1929 for $ 135,000.00 (then a staggering amount), including her antiques and art collection. He moved out in 1942 to avoid paying property taxes.

(Steve Vaught- Architechtural Digest, November 2008)

This was Howard's home when he produced (and directed ) some of his memorable films like ,Hell's Angels. He lived here ,too,during his days as a daring aviator who broke all existing world records in aviation. Please go to the link below: