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List of Awards for Howard Hughes jr.

1). HARMON TROPHY - as Outstanding Aviator of 1936 and 1938.

2). CONGRESSIONAL GOLD MEDAL (date approved August 7, 1939, awarded 1941)- in recognition of his achievements in advancing the science of aviation and thus bringing great credit to his country and throughout the world. According to the New York Times, he never bothered to come to Washington to pick it up.Later it was mailed to him by Pres.Harry Truman.

3). COLLIER TROPHY- given in 1938 to Howard and his crew for their successful around the world flight.

4). OCTAVE CHANUTE AWARD 1940- for outstanding contribution made by a pilot or test personnel to the advancement of arts, science and technology and aeronautics.


6). AVIATION HALL OF FAME (Dayton ,Ohio)- Inducts Howard Hughes jr. in 1973.

7). INTERNATIONAL AEROSPACE HALL OF FAME - Inducts Howard Hughes jr.posthumously in 1987.

8). NEVADA BUSINESS HALL OF FAME -Inducts Howard Hughes 2003 (posthumous).

National Aviation Hall of Fame


Howard Robard Hughes (1905-   )

Enshrined 1973

Developing an intense interest in aviation, Hughes took flying lessons while in his teens. In 1925 he began a career as a movie producer and in 1930 premiered his movie Hell's Angels, which generated a worldwide interest in aviation.

Setting a straightway speed record of 212 miles per hour in 1933 ,Hughes later won the sportsman pilot event of the All-American Air Meet. In 1934 he built his H-1 racer that was the driving force behind the creation of the Hughes Aircraft Company. In this aircraft Hughes set a world's speed record of 352 m.p.h. in 1935. He set a transcontinental record of nine hours, 27 minutes in his Northrop Gamma, for which he received the Harmon Trophy. In 1937 Hughes set a new transcontinental record of seven hours, 28 minutes in his modified H-1; and he acquired control of Trans Continental and Western Airlines (TWA). In 1938 he and a crew of four completed a flight around the world in three days, 19 hours, for which he received the Harmon and Collier trophies. He began the development of the XF-11 war-plane in 1938. He initiated the design of the Lockheed Constellation, and during World War II flew the first model from coast to coast in seven hours. During the war he built the Hercules, a huge eight-engine flying boat that he successfully flew in 1947. After the war, he was seriously injured in a crash of the XF-11. After recovering, he converted Hughes Aircraft Company into a successful electronics firm. He continued to expand TWA, converting it to jet-liners in the 1960s and developing it into one of the world's leading international airlines. Later he formed the Hughes Air West Airline.

To Howard Robard Hughes, for outstanting contributions to aviation by his development of enhanced designed aircraft, by setting aerial records that demonstrated the capabilities of aircraft and by development of domestic and international commercial aviation, this award is most solemnly and respectfully dedicated.

Awarded December 14, 1973 at Dayton, Ohio