His genius,visions, passions and mystique.


The sensual touch of a pilot’s eyes..

Survey the ground below..

Like a king perched on top

Of his kingdom of clouds

The breeze for his scepter

The sun for his throne..


Shaking a fist to the sky

His daring laughter

Challenged all comers

Up there fear does not exist

Up there doubts would disappear

He has the peaceful aura of a child

 he knows that he is fully

And totally in control

Of everything that his

Pilot’s eyes sensually touch


The humming of the engines

Are his lullabies

The cockpit is as much a home

To him, as his earthly one

The wings of his plane

Overshadow his pain

Propelling him to a fantasy world

Clean and free of all worldly pollution

His radiant smile bewitches

his voice is like a rocking hammock

his pilot’s eyes shine to the core

as he lands along the shore…

greeting a lover with the touch

of his sensual gaze…


deep inside his winged chariot

lies the key to the solemn serenity

of his fragile and delicate soul….



For: Howard R.Hughes jr.

28 December, 2009



My beloved commanded clouds

With his wings spread wide

Beneath the sun

In his silent rapture he ran

Rings around the moon

With speed unheard of

In altitudes untested

He was the uncontested

Prince of the blue skies


My beloved’s eyes

Reflect the yellow horizon

At the end of the ocean wall

He was fearless in his quest

He was a cut above the rest

His daring knew no boundaries

He had no fear of the unknown

Way out yonder ,there he flew

Where no other ‘s ever been before


My beloved’s ways up in the

Air was never wayward

There among the white formations

He was unsurpassed

A venerable hero of his generation

He had set his mark so steady

In the echoes of history

And though his life upon the ground

Was less than perfect

Up there,  he was without equal

And this is how

He’d like to be remembered

For he carved his name

on the soft cotton clouds

And though his magic chariot

Now lies majestically still,

 he is truly,

ever truly

 the beloved son of

the great big blue skies



For: Howard R.Hughes jr.

30 October, 2009



Sky Lord,

Airborne, you are without equal

Unsurpassed in your ballet of the sky

Cloud dancing, rainbow colored hues

In this, you have paid your dues..


Born with a poet’s face

And a mind that raced in numbers

You walked tall among men

In riches degenerating into rags..

What began of dashing beauty

Became a scourge of grotesque pain…


Aviator, with your broken bones

Break their hearts

In the mystery of your misery

Compensate what you lack

holding intimacies in your hands

Merge their bodies with empty promises

And the poison of the loss

Of your genius

with the disintegration of your sanity


Repeatedly in circles

You repeat your words

A hundred times

Sans grace of rhymes

Paper airplanes torn in shreds

Lie wasted in the grime

Of deathly dust

Like germs permeating

On blackened windows

Walls that hear your wails

And tales of woes


In the end you’ve lost all reason

In the sadness of your gloom

Many men have spelled your doom

Like an outcast in the desert

You were but an empty shell

No one there to care for you

Though they all gave in to you..

Silent tears deprived the laughter

In the midst of all the fame,

And all the fortune

You have died a lonely and

Neglected man


But, you are up the skies now

And I can just see you smile

Waving like a shy schoolboy.......

with delicate delight in your eyes,

Maybe there, in your spiritual might

You shall be free at last

For airborne, you are without equal

Like a true conqueror of the constellation

You shall sleep in an eternal sleep

Where all but peace shall stay awake

In your heart that is already mended


For: Howard Robard Hughes Jr.

08 September, 2009


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05 April, 1976-Death in the Skies

I am myself in shadows

Forsaking the dawn

I am myself in darkness

Among a crowd of one

A solitude of plenty…

I am the words to

A rounded song,

A song to a husky voice

A voice to an empty silence

That I can not hear…

What do I fear?


This magnitude of life,

I wish that it had passed

Me by…

If I had been an ordinary lad,

Then maybe I won’t be so sad.

 my end would not have been

So bad,

In my listless ,senseless compulsions

Brewed an endless stream

Of addiction,

Far worst than I could ever have

Imagined, in all the years

That I have survived..

What do I fear?


One happy thought,

Just one happy thought

I had none..

All is gone…


Louder, and louder

The deafening nothingness

Leaves me alone

Do not leave me alone…


Do you fear me?
Do you fear what I had become?

I had everything

That is nothing

Of true value

But everyone has a price

So I must pay the price

Of my folly..

My castle is my prison

An asylum for my kingdom


Long, long time ago

I used to know a different man

But he was gone before

I could remember his name….


For: Howard R.Hughes jr.

07 October, 2009

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