His genius,visions, passions and mystique.

Did you know that........

* Howard Hughes jr.once held every speed record of consequence in aviation during the 1930s.

* Without Howard , America would have lost in World War II.

* Howard worked as an ordinary employee (a pilot) earning $ 250 a month for American Airlines in 1932.

* Howard never graduated from highschool.

*At age 11, Howard built the first wireless broadcasting set in Houston so that he could communicate with ships in the Gulf of Mexico. He taught himself the Morse Code overnight.

* Howard invented the motorized bike at age 12.

* Howard knew how to play the saxophone.

* Howard's first brief flight experience at the age of 15 ,cost only $ 5.00.But it was a defining moment that changed his life and the course of aviation.

* Howard had a photographic memory.

* Howard was an "Avoider"- a person who uses psychosomatic illness to escape from life.

*. Howard invented the push-up bra based on the cantilever bridge.

* Howard was the first Hollywood film producer who was also a sex symbol.

* Screen Goddess Rita Hayworth was once pregnant with Howard's child but she aborted it because they were not married.

* Actress Shelly Winters met Howard at a New Year party in the 40s and mistook him for a set decorator.When her shawl got caught in the zipper of her dress, she asked Howard to untangle them.He said, he solved many mechanical problems but this one really fascinated him. He was able to untangle the shawl from the zipper and Shelly was so happy she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him.

* Howard told Shelly ,while on a date,that he neither had friends nor relatives.This statement clobbered Shelly and she said, that it's ridiculous as everyone has friends and relatives. He replied.."Well,I have TWA".

* Howard's first serious mistress was silent screen sensation and Ziegfeld Follies girl Billie Dove.

* Howard's only childhood friend was Dudley Sharp, son of Walter Sharp,his father's partner in the oil drill bit tool factory.

* Howard loved steaks ,milk,ice cream and Hershey's chocolates.

* Howard used thousands of boxes of kleenex as his germ phobia grew to astronomical proportions in the later years of his life.

* For the last 10 years of Howard's life, he rarely cut his hair and let it grew to his shoulders, he grew a long beard, was severely underweight weighing only 100 lbs. in his 6'3 3/4" tall frame.His teeth became lose and rotten because he never brushed . Likewise, he never shampooed his hair.The richest man in the world ,ironically, died of neglect.

* In the 60s, Howard started living in Las Vegas occupying a floor of suites eventually buying the hotel he lived in.

* Howard owned 20 % of Las Vegas Hotel by the 60s and helped curbed mob activities in the area.

* Howard was the first and most famous codeine addict in the world. He was also the most famous man afflicted with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

* When Howard died, no Will was found but he must have had one signed .Thereafter, many Wills came out but all were declared by the courts as fakes. One popular will was known as "The Mormon Will".

* Clifford Irving faked an autobiography by Howard Hughes in an elaborate scheme. But Hughes denied any involvement in his famous telephone interview attended by several respected journalists in 1972.Irving was later found guilty of fraud and went to jail.

* Noah Dietrich worked for Howard from 1925 to 1957 and helped build his vast financial empire.

* Howard once asked beautiful Elizabeth Taylor to marry him and offered her $ 1 Million tax free if she agrees. She said NO!

* Carole Lombard,who later married Clark Gable, became involved with Howard at the time he was selecting the leading lady for his Hell's Angels film. Carole wanted the part.She was brash and foul mouthed and even took out her left breast to impress Howard. She also told him that she was so hungry and if she cant find anything to eat, she would have to get sperm cells from him for protein nourishment.She thought she got the part, but blonde bombshell Jean Harlow was awarded the role (and a brief affair with Howard).

* Howard slapped Ava Gardner during a jealous rage.She in turn hit him with a figurine over the head and knocked him out cold .He also slapped actress Kathryn Grayson when she refused to marry him.That ended their friendship.

* Jack Real ,a giant in aviation industry , worked for Howard in 1957 after Noah Dietrich resigned and became Howard's very close friend. During the 70s, at the time when Howard was already an extreme recluse, Jack was able to coax Howard to get out of bed and fly an airplane again!

* Bill Gay was head of the Mormon Mafia that surrounded Howard during the last 20 years of his life.All these aides rose into positions of power and owed alligiance to Bill. According to Jack Real, among all the aides, only George A.Francom had genuine concern for Howard.

* Howard rejected actor Clark Gable because he thought Clark 's ears were too large. He also didnt like James Cagney and called him "little runt".He thought both will amount to nothing but he was wrong . They both became very famous.

* Although he was responsible for making Jean Harlow famous, he sold her contract to another studio.Then she also became famous.Another blunder!

* As Howard got older, he prefered very very young girls who were not his intellectual equal. He would stash them away in bungalows ,make them take singing and dance lessons with promises of movie contracts which never materialized.

* Howard once dated 3 ladies at the same time and the same place on New Year's Eve in 1956 at the Beverly Hills Hotel- Susan Hayward, Jean Peters and Yvonne Shubert. He might have gotten away with it except Susan got suspicious with his frequent excuses to leave the table. She followed him and saw she was not his only date.She got furious and left.Jean left too and only Yvonne stayed on.

* Howard had the habit of clicking his long toe nails .This annoyed Jean Peters so she stuffed kleenex in between his toes.

* Howard had otosclerosis , a genetically trasmitted disease of the bones inside the ear, that's why he's partially deaf.

* Howard was severely far sighted but refused to wear glasses and used a big magnifying glass to read newspapers.

* Howard's favorite movie was "Ice Station Zebra".

* Howard also liked watching "Deadlier than the Male" starring Elke Sommers and James Bond flicks starring Sean Connery.

* Howard's favorite song was Hey-Baba-Rebop, a 1945 jazzy song composed by Curley Hammer and Lionel Hampton.

* Before taking over as chief of RKO Productions in 1948, Howard produced films under Caddo Company, a subsidiary of Hughes Tool Company. 

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